You Made Others Thankful…

Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 01:24
coaches corner 2

At this time of the year, our thoughts naturally turn to giving thanks.  While most of us know what we are thankful for, we often don’t know how we have made others thankful.   Did you know you did this?  Probably not.  But you certainly did.


In the last few months, you probably checked into CrossFit 100 on Facebook, liked a comment someone made about CrossFit 100, shared one of the posts from the gym, or even simply mentioned what a great workout you had there recently.    As a result, someone who is attending another gym might have seen or read what you did.  That person may have decided to check out the CF100 site and may be considering dropping in for a class.  They might have shown our site to one of their friends and that friend might have thought it was the perfect time to finally try the “lite” class, enroll their child in “FitKids” or break out of their usual routine and come out for “Barbell”.  Heck, you may even be one of those people and are now doing the same for others!


The point is this…our gym exists because the community at CF100 is made up of and supported by all the awesome people like you.  Your being here matters. Your hard work matters. Your shares on social media matter. The way you talk about our CF100 community and our programs matter.  You matter.


As a coach and a member of CF100, I’m thankful for you and all of the effort seen and unseen that you expend on behalf of CF100.  So, in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, all the talk about nutrition, recovery and performance can be set aside for a bit, so that I and the rest of the CF100 community can share that we are all grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of your fitness journey.  After all, this CF100 community was and continues to be built by you – every time you sign up, every time you show up, by every share you’ve shared about CF100, by every post you’ve ever liked about CF100, by every conversation you have had abut CF100, and with every minute you’ve trusted CF100 with.  You did this.


Thank You!