Dan Adams

Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - 21:58
Dan Adams

I joined CF100 shortly after my second daughter was born in October of 2017. Since then, my fitness level has gone from unathletic, advanced dad-bod to somewhat respectable. CrossFit has been great in instilling a growth mindset in my approach to fitness. Each WOD is challenging no matter where you are on the fitness spectrum. In over three years, I don't feel like I've ever plateaued and while I feel like I'm finally "in shape" I am far from where I'd like to progress. CF100 coaches are very good about pushing members to continually improve and reach their potential in every class. 


Candidly, community was not a selling point for me when I joined CF100, but the friends I've made at the gym have become important to me and the community is integral to the entire experience. It's a very positive environment  where members encourage and welcome each other. In a lot of ways CF100 has become my "church." And yes, I'm aware of the "CrossFit cult" implications of that, but hey if the shoe fits. I am very grateful to Jessie and Jens for their continual coaching, encouragement, and example setting. It's also terrific fun to go head-to-head in a WOD with them, Brett, Leo, DJ, Justin, Mya, Mike, or Julie and receive a nice deflating of my ego! 


FAVORITE MOVEMENT/WOD: I like all of the major lifts, particularly squats and deadlifts. I think "DT" is the king of WODs. In the last year, I've significantly improved my cleans and overhead lifts. 


LEAST FAVORITE MOVEMENT: I'm not a fan of anything inverted, like handstand pushups. I've never been able to dive head first into a pool, so I'm sure there is a phobia (or evolutionary adaptation) to overcome with these movements.