Meet Amanda

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 - 19:23
Amanda Leichtfuss Lifting

Amanda Leichtfuss Early on in this quarantine situation, it was apparent Amanda was serious about not giving up her gains. During a livestream CF100 class, we could see her boyfriend, Brady, building what would become a beautifully homemade squat rack, floor press rack and risers for deadlifts (see pic below). Amanda won the CF100 4-week Vitality Challenge, is keeping her pre-quarantine routine of attending 5:45 livestream classes, and is following her CF100 Nutrition Program. Here is more about this member who hasn't skipped a beat and continues to crush her fitness goals at home:

Jessie: How long have you been a member at CF100?

Amanda: 1 year and one month

J: You’re a morning girl … have early morning workouts always been your preference?

A: Until a couple years ago, I had not realized I was a morning workout person! I always thought, "Who wants to get up at 5am to workout?" I have found it really works for me to get up and go which starts my day on a good note. It's also harder to talk myself out of going when it's just part of my routine.

J: What is your fitness/athletic background?

A: I have been active and involved in sports my whole life. When I was really young, I started out playing soccer and t-ball and t-ball transitioned into softball which I played until middle school. In middle school I started basketball, volleyball, and track events including long jump, 100m and 300m hurdles, discus and relay races. I continued these into high school, even becoming the assistant varsity volleyball coach for four years after graduation. During my senior year, I also joined winter dance and the spring golf team just to change things up.

J: What brought you to CrossFit and specifically to CF100?

A: I was really bored with the traditional gym workouts. The variety of elements in CrossFit like heavy lifting, gymnastics, and cardio appealed to me as a more engaging workout. I was also drawn to the community aspect of the CrossFit world. The location and class times drew me to CF100. It took a couple of follow-ups from Marcela before I decided to take the leap but I couldn't have chosen a better gym!

J: What types of workouts are your favorite/least favorite?

A: My favorite type of workouts are the quick and fast movements like EMOM, combined to make a "Grinder" where I really get focused into a fast paced rhythm. My least favorite type of workout is anything that has burpees, thrusters or long runs!

J: What are your current fitness and health goals?

A: My main fitness goal right now is to achieve an unmodified muscle up. My health goal is to eat for my lifestyle. I have been doing the CF100 Nutrition program for 5 months and would highly recommend the program! The program has helped me refine my diet which has increased my energy, strength, and stamina, both during my workouts and throughout my day.

J: What do you do outside of the gym (work, hobbies, family)

A: Outside of the gym, my boyfriend and I backpack, hike, canoe, and anything else that gets us outdoors. Before the quarantine we enjoyed exploring the Milwaukee area and finding new things to do. Some weekends I go back home to Oshkosh to spend time with my family. Most recently, I've started making my own soap which has been a fun experience that ties into my chemistry background.

J: How are you surviving quarantine?

A: During the quarantine I have fortunately still been working, which offers some normalcy to the day. Since I really enjoy cooking, I have been using the extra time stuck at home to experiment with new recipes and styles of food. With our spring camping trips canceled, we have also been doing some back yard camping and cooking, instead.

J: Livestream classes … you’ve been consistent from the beginning, and even had help building a sweet home gym set up. How are they helping you through this and how do you make it work for you?

A: Livestream classes have been GREAT! I love that I can still workout and be coached even though I can't go to the gym. I've had to get creative at home with workout equipment and had fun building a multi-purpose squat rack to make things easier. It has been cool seeing everyone adapt to the situation and I can't thank the CF100 coaches enough for making the transition so smooth.

J: Best/worst parts of quarantine so far?

A: The hardest part of quarantine has been not traveling to see friends and family, in person. Video chats have helped but I am looking forward to seeing everyone in person. The best part of quarantine is that it has forced me to slow down and enjoy the little things life has to offer.

J: What are you missing the most at the gym?

A: The things I miss the most are the people and the atmosphere. Livestream is great, but I want to see everyone and cheer them on in person! I miss the fist bumps, laughter and camaraderie.