Meet Jeff G

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 03:15
Jeff G

When did you start with us at CF100 and what brought you to us?


I started with CrossFit about February of this year. I had a good workout and fitness plan but had been losing motivation and intensity in my workouts over the last few years. So you can say I was looking for a kick in the butt and I certainly and happily found it with the CrossFit 100 community. Of course the Covid bombshell had a slight disruption to the early progress with CrossFit but we have bounced back with some strength.


What is your fitness background like (growing up, college, played any other sports as an adult?)


I really started working out and focusing on fitness when I was getting ready to walk-on to play college football at Georgia Southwestern University. My father was a football and wrestling coach. He was a little all-American football player (which today is basically a junior college all-American), and was my motivation to walk on. From that point on I’ve always lifted weights and maintained a pretty healthy lifestyle.  My competitive background and fitness mindset allowed me to play volleyball at a pretty high level after college, pick up soccer later in life, and allowed me to continue to ski and misplace golf balls on the golf course. I think CrossFit introduced something additionally I was missing and that is consistent conditioning work. I had been overly focused on lifting weights and lacked in conditioning and endurance work. I need that added benefit.


What does life look like for you outside of the gym (work, family, hobbies)? 


Work brought me to Whitefish Bay and I can say, happily, this is my home now. I’m a loyalist, having spent my career with three companies, with one of those companies being a small entrepreneurial effort I attempted.  One thing I will share is my curiosity with business has been a benefit to my career.  Ask questions, listen, learn, apply and grow.   (The CrossFit coaches probably get a little bit of that curiosity out of me too. So thanks for the patience with my questions!)  


I do defend that a strong work/life balance with CrossFit and my family provide a big part of the balance. My immediate family is the core to my outside life. I have three kids, all in their 20s. While they live away from home now, we still find ways to get together or at least share funny things during the week. The family has a good sense of humor and we are always looking for the laugh. We usually take one or two vacations together each year, usually to a beach somewhere, but we will also do a city trip. While I am not the only snow skier in the family, skiing is one thing I try to make time for at least once a year and get out to Colorado.  


You are always early to class, focused and ready to work and learn. Your system is paying off!  What are your current goals in the gym and for your fitness, in general?


My current CrossFit goals are pretty straight forward.  First, I need to improve technique and form across a few movements ... okay all movements, ha ha.  Second, I do want to move heavier weights and improve my conditioning.  For me, this is my body armor against aging. Working to stay healthy and mobile is really my main goal of being at CrossFit 100.


Favorite CrossFit movement/workout?


I have two favorite movements with CrossFit.  I actually like to deadlift even though I need to really work on form. I also like to bench press but that is only due to knowing that exercise for a while. Surprisingly I don’t mind snatches.  My form is off and need better hip mobility, but snatches are really cool ... just throw that weight over your head, cool.


Least favorite?


Thrusters suck, big suck ha ha; only because I don’t do them well or with good form.   


What would you tell someone starting out in CrossFit?


For anyone starting out with CrossFit I would say be patient, ask questions, and know you have a good support group to help you meet your goals.  We have good coaches and it is a good community. 


To close out, my personal thanks to the coaches for their commitment and patience, and to our community for motivating me with the daily workouts!