Meet Leo

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - 18:24

Leo started at CrossFit100 in October and has quickly become a regular and familiar face in the evenings. If you have seen him in class you know he’s a hard worker, he’s focused, he learns quickly and always does so with a smile on his face. Here are some things you may not know about Leo:

• He’s an MSOE grad with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He works for Milwaukee Tool where he designs new and improved tools. Leo says he has always enjoyed breaking things and he is now living his dream!

• He never comes to class alone! What? Leo always brings his best buddy Kai along. Kai is the most handsome Husky you’ll ever meet. Kai hates being away from Leo, so he waits patiently in the car while Leo gets his fitness on. Kai is also super friendly. If you have not yet had the pleasure, I recommend asking Leo if you could meet Kai next class. I got lots of kisses!

• More about Kai: He was named after the famous bodybuilder, Kai Greene. Kai Greene is an inspiration for Leo, not only for his accomplishments and success in the fitness world, but also -- and more specifically -- for his philosophical take on movement. -Kai believes in what he calls the “mind-muscle connection." Movement with intent, as Leo explains it. Paying attention to your body and how it moves and building a direct connection between your mind and body.

• Before CrossFit, Leo was an avid triathlete! His favorite Triathlon was at Devils Lake.

• On his free time, Leo enjoys playing the piano and building furniture!

Mariana: “How did you find out about CrossFit100?”

Leo: “So, I’m a tri-athlete, and one of the legs of triathlons is biking. My go-to bike route is the Oak Leaf Trail that passes right by CrossFit 100. I remember last summer, on a Saturday, seeing a bunch of people outside in that parking lot, I don’t remember exactly if they were doing farmer carries with bars or what, but I thought, 'That looks pretty fun. They all look miserable ... that looks like a great time!'”

M: “And the rest is history?”

L: “I think it was probably Tashelle crying half way, though. Ha ha, yeah it was great.”

M: “What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?”

L: “What I love about fitness in general is pushing yourself to be better. It’s not about what the other person is doing, it's about, what are you doing to make yourself better? What makes CrossFit so great is that because you are doing it with a community, it does push you to be even better. And having people to talk to about what twitches they might be having, what issues they’ve been struggling with, etc. The community aspect is what really sets it apart.”

M: Most memorable moment?

Leo: “Yup, yup. The first time we overhead squatted, and I dropped the bar on my head. H aha ha, it was funny in this case because I wasn’t injured.”

M: As far as your fitness journey is concerned, do you think that CrossFit has changed the way you think about it?

Leo: “Absolutely. So, I think of the fundamental of CrossFit, right? It’s cross-functional. You’re not just moving muscle or moving weight to build muscle, you’re not just doing cardio, you’re just overall becoming more fit, and I think that’s something that I’m always gonna have in my life now.”

M: Anything else you want to comment about?

Leo: “Yes. I want to thank the staff at CrossFit 100 for giving me this amazing opportunity, and for Marcela for creating a really cool space. The community is awesome, and I love the people that are here. There are days where you look at the workout, and you think, "damn it, that’s going to suck," but then you think that there are some awesome people that I get to go hang out with, and that makes it really easy. At the gym, there are a lot of like-minded people. They are people that are friendly, they’re people that want to make themselves better that understand what it’s like to get under a heavy barbell, what it’s like to do something because it “sucks” and you don’t get that anywhere else.”