Meet Lindsey

Thursday, March 19, 2020 - 19:41

If you make to class early enough to meet up with Lindsey in the lobby, she's going to make you smile. She'll either share a funny store about her day, her pets, or maybe her baby nephew, Leo. Lindsey has been a friendly face at CrossFit 100 for over five years and I have looked forward to seeing her in class or open gym for all of them.

Jessie: Tell me, what brought you to CrossFit 100?

Lindsey: My friend April used to go to Brew City CrossFit before it was a co-op and then the guy who owned it moved to Colorado to become a professional sky diver. We didn’t want to buy into the co-op so April started looking around and we found CF100. I've been here ever since. On and off ...

J: The "on and off" is on my list to talk about with you. You've definitely been more ON than OFF lately. Tell me about the changes in your life and how you're making it work:

L: Well, it started with me asking you to figure out how many days I came last year and it was 47 out of 365, which is a little ridiculous. (Lindsey's wife) Louise gave me an ultimatum that either I figure it out or quit coming. I said we’ll do it in three month increments. I'm trying for at least 47 classes in a quarter and I’m doing well on that right now.

J: You used to come mostly at night, or at least intend to and then get stuck at work. Now I see you finishing up 5AM classes when I’m coming in at 5:45. How’s that going?

L: I'm hoping I can switch back to night, but it's working.

J: What forced the change? New marriage? Work, pets?

L: And looking for a new house! We were married on October 6 of last year. We have two cats, Tyrone and Spaghetti, and a dog named Frankie. And Louise wants another dog.

Workwise, things are pretty stable but work is crazy but I’m not at the same place I was a few years ago, which is good. Now I’m at Kohl’s Corporate. I’m a store planner, So essentially, when the aisles aren’t wide enough, you’re welcome! Because that’s what they tell us to set the aisle widths to. I lay out the store and do the construction projects. It’s not difficult, just a lot of project management.

J: You can’t always predict the end of your day, and Louise is getting used to your workout routine, as well?

L: It’s hard and sometimes it starts arguments! "You’re gonna go again?" She understands it's something I need to do to keep myself balanced. I wish she would come here with me, but she’s not a worker-outer.

J: What are some things you have to push yourself to do at CrossFit?

I don’t make myself run, I’ll just ski. I need to start doing it more. My feet hurt and my lungs hurt because I’m a little asthmatic. So running is horrible. But skiing is also horrible! But mostly weightlifting and barbell stuff keeps me keeps me coming back. I’ve looked at other gyms that are cheaper or more accessible but there isn't the barbell work.

When I see there are Olympic lifts in the workout, I’m like, "Alright, let’s go!"

J: You’re really good at snatching!

L: Yeah, that’s my favorite one. And overhead squats. I love overhead squats.

J: How's your nutrition?

L: A little better. Still not great. It's always something I’ve struggled with but it's off and on. I’m hoping at some point I can get it dialed in.

J: Any profound thoughts about our gym or CrossFit, in general?

L: Here, there are a lot of new people, a lot of the same people. It’s kind of an evolving situation. It’s a little web of craziness. You can go to huge CrossFit gyms and there are hundreds of members. This one is a little corner and keeps people coming back. It’s part of what keeps me here.

I’ve been at a CrossFit gym since 2009 and I still can't do a pull up or a double under, but I don’t beat myself up over it. It is what it is. I may never be able to do a pull up with my shoulders. I’m not showing up to beat anybody.

Once you realize that you come to do this for yourself and not anyone else, it doesn’t matter, just keep moving. Keep sweating. Just stay out of breath. I told myself, if I could just stay out of breath for the whole workout and not rest so long that I’ve caught my breath, I’m fine!