My First Open: Matt’s Story

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 22:38

I joined CrossFit 100 last October, and had not previously been involved with CrossFit elsewhere.  So 2017 was my first and only experience with the Open, and I did not know what to expect.  To put it mildly, I was very pleasantly surprised.


CrossFit regularly provides a positive and encouraging atmosphere, but the Open is a whole different animal.  It takes positivity and encouragement up to 11.  The way people stuck around, even after their work was over, just to encourage others was awesome.  On the surface, sure, it’s competition, but on Friday nights everyone’s in it together, strategizing about the best way to break up reps, serving as a judge for one another, or just generally trying to get through those unreal workouts.


And those workouts!  As terrible (in a good way . . . mostly) as they were, each one had its memorable moments.  In 17.1, Herb’s time was incredible.  The guy can MOVE.  17.2 – remember Colin’s hands after those C2Bs?  Pretty gross.  But a testament to how hard that dude was working.  17.3 – Douglas helped me get a P.R. on my overhead squat.  Thanks again, Douglas!  (He also no-repped Jens during the movements demonstration, which was hilarious).  17.4 – the number 55 is forever wrecked for me.  But it’s hard to forget Roger and his 8-foot wingspan rowing at about five calories per pull or Jessie doing countless HSPUs (actually, come to think of it, someone should probably check on her, she might still be going . . .).  And finally, 17.5.  Thrusters and double-unders.  10 rounds.  Because, why not?  John H.’s score tied him for third in the State of Wisconsin.  Enough said.


I know I’m forgetting a lot of good stuff from this year’s Open (Brenda’s unmatched team spirit, that foundationally unsound human pyramid we made, etc.), but if you haven’t done the Open in the past, I’d strongly encourage you to give it a try next year.  It’s tough, but don’t be intimidated by the workouts.  I scaled it every week, and enjoyed it all the same.


Looking forward to the Games this summer, and next year’s Open!