Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 20:19

It all began 8 years ago this month that I attended my very first CrossFit 100 Class at Marcela’s original location.  Leading up to that first class, I was always into athletics and fitness.  I played basketball, softball and volley ball in high school and the beginning of my freshman year in college, I played basketball but decided to hang up my high tops to focus more on my schooling.  After missing playing sports, I took up running and ran a handful of half and full marathons.  As time marched on I got married, had two kids and settled down to the boring/mundane daily routine of going to the “gym” to run on a treadmill and paid for some personal training. 

After searching for something a little more challenging in my fitness routine, a friend convinced me to take a class at CrossFit 100!  CrossFit was pretty new at the time so I was skeptical at first….didn’t want to get bulky….LOL…I didn’t understand what CrossFit TRULY was about.  Let’s just say that after my very first class in 2013 I was HOOKED!  I completed the basics course’s and have never looked back! 

I feel challenged every day that I attend class, but I never feel like I can’t complete the WOD!  I have learned over the years that what you put into your 45 minutes at CF100 is what you get out of it!  There are definitely days that I say to myself “Sarah, maybe sit this one out…you’re tired, sore, just not feeling up to it”, but I still go and I have NEVER left a class wishing I hadn’t gone.

CF100 is a FAMILY and I consider all the members and coaches friends of mine!

Cheers to CF100 and Cheers to another 8 years and beyond that I am part of the CF100 Family!