2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Recap

Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 01:28
crossfit games

We were thrilled that the CrossFit Games 2017 were in our own back yard this year.  A bunch of us from CrossFit100 had the opportunity to travel West and check out all the action this year. We all found it to be a fun and inspiring experience.  Here are some of the highlights from the games, as well as some photos and memories brought to you by your CrossFit100 community!




Attending the CrossFit Games was something Herb and I looked forward to all summer, and it didn’t disappoint!! We loved that Madison was thrown into the spotlight of the CrossFit community. It was not only exciting to watch our favorite athletes, it was very inspiring as well. For Herb and I, being a bit older , it was incredibly motivating to watch the masters athletes. Age truly is just a number and taking care of yourself via fitness and nutrition really does pay off! ~Lynn

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I loved every minute and was sad that I couldn’t get there the first two days. I think of these words….inspiring, emotional, intense, strong, fun, family. Yesterday I booked a hotel room for next year (Sheraton across the street). Based on the lack of availability, I’m pretty sure the games will be the same weekend. I did not have to put anything down to hold room, and there is no penalty to cancel, so long as I cancel before July 2018. I also looked at VRBO, and there’s definitely a couple options, and I’m also open to camping. I just know I would rather stay than drive back and forth.  And instant tears reading Jessie’s post!!! Lol. I’ve shown the podium pictures of the masters athletes to my family multiple times….”okay mom we get it.” Image removed. ~Tammy

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The most remarkable part of being at the Games was just being amongst an entire community of fit people — an entire village of CrossFitters, how cool! Also, it was so motivating for me to watch the Masters events. Nowhere is it more evident that nutrition and fitness can have such an incredible impact on your lifestyle as long as you don’t ever give up! Can’t wait for next year. ~Jessie

Being at the Games with my CrossFit community made it such a special experience!  ~Izzy


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Being at the games was the highlight of my summer. It was so awesome being around other CrossFitters and it was so inspiring to see people from everywhere and all walks of life with a love of fitness in common. ~Marlena


Having the games in Madison was unreal, to be around so many people that are part of the CrossFit community was so cool! Also meeting people I follow on Instagram and getting to talk to them in person was very interesting. ~ Jens

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