Thinking about trying the Murph? Advice from fellow members

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 22:32

Mary Carroll

No matter what your mind is telling you about Murph, it’s not true. Your body can do anything as long as you have no injuries! It doesn’t matter your age, conditioning, new to Crossfit or terrible at running. It’s about finishing the WOD, not finishing first just doing every rep. Let go about how much it is, you can only take one step, one breath, one rep at a time. Intellectually, chip away at the reps, by 10’s or 20’s. You will be surprise how quickly the reps add up. It’s a mind game kind of WOD! You can do it!


Scott Kogler

2016 was my first Murph. I’d been at CF100 for just a year. I was still learning the workouts, the skills and to be suspicious whenever Marcela says ‘it’ll be fun’. On the surface it was straightforward; a run, body weight movements and a run. Stuff I could do. And when folks who’d done the Murph before talked about it I sensed respect, anticipation and anxiety all at the same time, a challenge. I wanted to prove to myself I could do it too. It’s a milestone workout, like finishing a CF Open workout.


The worst advice I got for last year’s Murph was from my own inner voice telling me to wear a weighted vest. That it would somehow make the ordeal, er…experience, more fun. If I had a do-over I’d ignore that voice for my first Murph. The workout is hard enough as it is.


The best advice I got last year was to break it up into small pieces. Go as fine as you need. There’s no clock, it’s just you against you. I went with the popular 20 Cindy’s plan. Even so, by the middle teens I needed several pauses to get through 10 pushups. The pushups wrecked me.


I did it. I’ll do it again this year. You can do it too. And when it starts getting hard, count by two’s.