CF100 Members on the LuRong Challenge

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 22:35


I have been a loyal CrossFitter for 6 years! I have maintained my CrossFit loyalty to CrossFit 100! All the members have become like family to me;-)
I enrolled in my First LuRong Challenge approximately 5 years ago. Why did I enroll and what keeps me coming back for more?
The LuRong Challenge is a team challenge that holds you accountable for checking in with not only your Fitness, but also your nutrition/diet. LuRong works hard during the challenge to help educate on proper diet, and challenges you to make the healthiest choices for a better you!

Additionally, the LuRong Challenge fitness portion has proven to me time and time again to challenge and push me to give every last ounce of energy to achieve PR’s, beat my times, etc!

If you are up for a Challenge both Nutritionally and Fitness…join the LuRong Challenge.


Katie C.

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In 2013 I took a leap of faith and followed Marcela in to the Lurong Challenge. I was so nervous to fail. I realized that I had spent nearly my entire teen and adult life being unhappy with my nutrition and my body, so why not just try?  I promised myself I would fully commit to the (at that time 7 week) challenge.  While it wasn’t easy, it WAS life changing. Even after the challenge I kept up a clean/paleo lifestyle for nearly 1.5 years. I had never felt stronger or better about myself. My mind was so sharp, I slept like a log and the best part I NEVER craved sugar. In fact, when I would even attempt to eat fake/sugary food I would spit it out because the taste was so foul. I never thought I could be like this. As time passed, I slipped here and there, more and more often. Unfortunately now I no longer am disgusted by sugar, in fact I am back to craving it. So I am doing the Lurong Challenge all over again, because I WANT to be held accountable so I can reset myself to the dedicated state that brings out the best of my abilities. It is the only thing that I know works for me. I love the competition portion of it…it keeps me engaged. Every time an opportunity to cheat arises, it is much easier to abstain knowing that eating it would mean you need to fess up at the end of the day. It’s 5 weeks, you can do anything for 5 weeks!


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