Member Success Story – Heart Awareness

Friday, March 18, 2016 - 22:59

Almost exactly two years ago I found myself being rushed to St. Lukes for a heart cath. procedure. The procedure itself not nearly as scary as what they found….an 80-90% blockage in my LAD (sometimes called the widow maker – yep that’s scary). The best cardiologist at St. Lukes fixed my broken heart and I was on my way two days later. Still in shock. Life style changes, healthy eating, reducing stress were imminent. I tried, but not really that hard, certainly not seeing any drastic changes. What was I thinking?

Fast forward to 6 months ago, my dear friend Corrie Murray Prunuske convinces me to join CrossFit, “it’s the workout made for you”, she says. She’s looking great after doing this for some time so I agree to go with her to check it out. I meet Marcela Perea  first, then Douglas Moore  and now I’m all in…they are great people, if you don’t know them you should. The first week I am convinced that these work-outs will do me in. They probably would have except for the support, encouragement, and beauty of the 5:45am group. Every day I walk into the box, I remind myself of the words Peter Wiegers said to me after a run “trust me, it gets better”. The really cool thing is that he came back to get me after he had already finished the run to tell me this. This was probably my second week.

Peter was right and although it’s still tough, this week was full of major accomplishments. I finished my first 15 minute time cap WOD with 22 seconds to spare. Tears of joy were mixed with the copious amount of sweat beading down my face. I also partnered with three (of the many) amazing women who I admire and watch in amazement at every workout. These women pushed me to do things I was pretty sure were out of my ability. (Jessie Schaub, Stacey Mckay, Elena….thank you for a great week).

Getting back to the heart awareness part of this post…Please do not neglect the signs that something might need to be checked out. I ignored shortness of breath, discomfort in my arms and legs, and of course those chest pains were surely just anxiety. (I ignored them for a year…over and over again I told myself I did not have time to go to the Docto.) If I had ignored them another day, things may have not turned out so well. Please do not be like me, except when I am doing really cool things like CrossFit!!

Next month is my next six month checkup, it’s a big one. I promised my favorite cardiologist and his nurse some big things….I got this thanks to the 5:45am CrossFit 100 group, Scott Sacharski, Josh, Ethan and Jean Reitz Galecke Albers  (my mom).


by Tammy Galecke Sacharski